What is whistleblowing?

  • Whistleblowing is an opportunity to contribute to lawful, fair, open and transparent work in the Joint Stock Company Conexus Baltic Grid (hereinafter referred to as Conexus) by exercising the right to freedom of expression;
  • Whistleblowing aims to prevent cases of fraud or unethical practices or breaches of laws and regulations at Conexus;
  • Whistleblowing can be raised for breaches of the provisions of the Whistleblowing Law and the Conexus Ethics Code.

What is not whistleblowing?

The following is not considered to be whistleblowing:

  • deliberately providing false or unfounded information;
  • reporting only the breach of personal interests;
  • any action motivated by a personal complaint, personal disagreement or personal gain.

Who is a whistleblower?

A whistleblower may be any Conexus employee, official or other individual with whom Conexus concluded a contract for the performance of specific work or service and who provides information about a possible breach that may harm Conexus interests, provided that the person considers the information to be true and that it was obtained while performing their work duties or establishing legal relations related to the performance of their work duties.

Where to report a possible breach?

The whistle may be blown in two ways:

  • by contacting Conexus (internal whistleblowing);
  • in a competent authority.

Whistleblowing Law Section 4 (2) also determines the cases where the whistle may be blown by providing the information publicly. The whistle can also be blown through a whistleblowers’ contact point, an association or foundation, a trade union or an association of trade unions.

Who and how to address a whistleblower’s report?

A whistleblower report form should be used and addressed to the Head of the Department of Internal Audit (in person) of AS Conexus Baltic Grid:

  • as an electronically signed document by e-mail to trauksme@conexus.lv;
  • in paper form which should be placed in a closed envelope and delivered to the mailbox placed at JSC Conexus Baltic Grid at Stigu iela 14, Riga, or at Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage (Inčukalna gāzes krātuve, Krimulda Rural Territory, Krimulda Municipality);
  • personally (by prior arrangement by calling 27896601);
  • there is a possibility to submit an anonymous whistleblower report. Considering that an anonymous whistleblower will be impossible to identify, an anonymous report will be processed to the best of our abilities, and the whistleblower will not be provided with the protection guarantees stipulated in the law and regulations or with the feedback on the progress of the whistleblower's report.

Where to get advice on whistleblowing?

Consultations on whistleblowing according to the Whistleblowing Regulations at JSC Conexus Baltic Grid are provided by the Head of the Department of Internal Audit; please send an e-mail to trauksme@conexus.lv or call 27896601. The information received by the contact person during the consultation is confidential.

Documents: Whistleblower’s report form.

Additional information on the nature of whistleblowing, reporting mechanisms and lists of competent authorities is available at the website http://www.trauksmescelejs.lv.