Natural gas transmission service - injection of natural gas into the natural gas transmission system, transmission it by pipelines and withdraw from the transmission system. Natural gas transmission services are sold in capacity units (kWh / day) in the amount of technically available capacity of transmission entry-exit points.

To receive transmission services, a natural gas trader must conclude:

  1. Transmission Agreement
  2. Balancing Agreement
  3. Agreement on recognition of electronically signed documents (if it’s necessary)*

In order to conclude an agreement with Conexus, an application form must be filled, electronically signed* and sent to (or, it shall be sent to Stigu street 14, Riga, Latvia, LV-1021 if signed on paper). The applicant shall append the following to the application:

  • contact details of the representative(s) having the right to assume obligations on behalf of the applicant (including full name, title, phone number, e-mail address), and documents proving the right of the representative(s) to act on behalf of the applicant;
  • a proof of representation, if the application is submitted by an authorised representative of the applicant;
  • a document attesting that the applicant has registered its commercial activity according to the laws and regulations of the relevant country (more information available HERE);
  • a document attesting that an insolvency procedure of the applicant has not been announced, the economic activity of the applicant is not suspended, or the applicant is not liquidated, and issued not later than one month prior to the day of submitting the application;
  • information about the applicant's credit rating granted by a commonly known credit or rating agency (not required if it is planned to provide a collateral pursuant to section 13 of this Regulation);
  • at the TSO's request the annual report for the previous three years (or the actual operation period, taking into account the time of founding or beginning of operation of the applicant on which the annual report is to be submitted) or an equivalent document proving the economic and financial situation of the applicant according to the laws and regulations of the relevant country.

* In case an electronic signature does not comply with the recognized electronic signature formats in Latvia, an agreement on the recognition of electronic signatures shall be concluded. The electronic signature formats recognized in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania:

  • .edoc
  • .asice
  • .adoc

Electronic signatures can be validated HERE.

After conclusion of contracts, the user is required to fill out and send a user contact information form to, to receive access to the Common zone platform for systematic and centralized information exchange between natural gas market participants and operators in the Estonian-Latvian unified balancing zone (more information available HERE).





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