Changes to the Conexus Supervisory Board 

Today, 27 April, at the shareholders' meeting of the single natural gas transmission and storage system operator Conexus Baltic Grid (Conexus), the Conexus Supervisory Board was elected with changes to its current composition. Seven members of the Supervisory Board were confirmed for a three-year term

Ilmārs Šnucins, Tomohide Goto, Zane Āboliņa, Viktors Sentuhovskis, Normunds Šuksts and Ivars Moisejs were re-elected as Supervisory Board members. Masanobu Furuya was re-elected to the Conexus Supervisory Board.

In addition to the election of the Supervisory Board members, the Conexus 2022 Sustainability and Annual Report, the Dependency Report, the amendments to the Articles of Association and the reports of the Conexus Management Board, Supervisory Board and independent auditor were approved.

The Shareholders' Meeting also resolved on the use of Conexus' profits, resolved on the conversion of Conexus shares from registered shares to dematerialised shares and resolved to book Conexus dematerialised shares with the central securities depository Nasdaq CSD SE.