Information on shares

Nominal value
1,00 EUR
Total number of shares
39 786 089
Sorter of the Original Shareholders’ register
Nasdaq CSD SE
Rights resulting from one share
One share has 1 vote. All shares give to their owners the equal rights to receive dividends and liquidation quotas, and right to vote in the Shareholders’ meeting.
Category of shares
Dematerialized shares. Shares have to be registered in financial instruments account. Shares are not included in the public turnover in the stock exchange, however the shareholders are free to effect the change of property right to the shares by registering the transactions, using  financial instruments account.
Property right to shares
Registration of shares in a financial instruments account is not mandatory, however, until a financial instruments account is opened or the shares are not registered in a financial instruments account, ownership of shares will be confirmed by an entry in the original register of Nasdaq CSD, and the shareholder will not be able to receive dividends. sell, pledge or perform other actions with the shares.
Nasdaq CSD SE provides information or statements on shares registered in the original register. The credit institution, where the financial instruments account is opened, provides information or statements on the shares registered in the financial instruments account.
Trade and transfer of shares
Shares of JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid”  are not included in the stock-exchange; however, it doesn’t prevent the purchase, sale or presentation of company’s shares. Such transactions shall be carried out by mutual agreement between the purchaser and the seller. Share trading and re-registration transactions can be carried out using financial instruments accounts.

Re-registration of shares within the inheritance case

In order to re-register shares as part of the inheritance case, the beneficiary of the inheritance needs to open a financial instruments account at a credit institution, submit a document to the bank confirming the acceptance of the inheritance (inheritance certificate, inheritance distribution agreement, etc.) and perform the de-registration of shares (registration from the Nasdaq CSD original register to the financial instruments account).

Receipt of calculated but unpaid dividends until June 30, 2023
In order to receive the dividends calculated until June 30, 2023, but not paid out (for example, the current account number was not specified previously or was specified incorrectly, the shareholder has died, etc.), it is necessary to submit an application to JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” by sending it to e-mail address (if the application is signed with a secure electronic signature), submit in person (Stigu street 14, Riga, Latvia by contacting in advance by phone +371 67087927) or by mail to the address Stigu street 14, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia (in this case the signature shall be certified by a notary)).
Download application HERE


Nasdaq CSD SE (number of shares registered in the Original register, deregistration of the shares, statements):
Vaļņu street 1, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia
Tuesdays – visitor’s days
Opening hours (workdays):
Phone: +371 67212431, e-mail:
“Conexus Baltic Grid” AS (dividende, Shareholder’s meetings,  operation of the company and other issues):
Stigu street 14, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia (please contact in advance about the time of visit)
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