Information on shares



Nominal value:

1,00 EUR

Total number of shares:

39 786 089

Sorter of shareholders’ register:

Nasdaq CSD SE

Rights resulting from one share:

One share has 1 vote. All shares give equal rights to their owners: right to receive dividends and liquidation quotas, and right to vote in the shareholders’ meeting.

Category of shares:

Dematerialized registered shares. Shares are not included in the public turnover in the stock exchange, however the shareholders are free to effect the change of property right to the shares by registering the transactions in the Nasdaq CSD SE.

Property right to shares:

Property right to the shares is certified by an entry in the shareholders’ register. Shares are not kept in the securities accounts. Shareholders’ register is kept by an independent and professional institution – Nasdaq CSD SE that issues also information or notices about the property right to shares.

Letters with an invitation to a foundation meeting were sent to all shareholders included in the initial shareholders’ list in November 2016 that serves as a certification to become a shareholder of Conexus Baltic Grid.

Trade and transfer of shares:

Shares of Conexus Baltic Grid are not included in the stock-exchange; however this doesn’t prevent the purchase, sale or presentation of company’s shares. Such transactions shall be carried out by mutual agreement between the purchaser and the seller. We suggest using a standard Share transfer application form that serves as a mutual contract between the alienator and acquirer of the shares and as a base for the Nasdaq CSD SE to register the shares on the new owner.

Shares transfer application form  

1. Participation of both parties to the transaction is required to transfer the shares.

2. The parties shall fill in a standard Share transfer application form. In case shareholders use other documents to change the property right, we ask to submit a standard application form to the Nasdaq CSD SE because it contains the data required for the shareholders’ register.

3. Shares’ transfer application and other documents required for the transaction can be submitted in Latvian, English and in Russian if the data about the alienator and the acquirer are filled in with Latin letters.

4. Shares’ transfer application can be submitted in the following ways:

  • Both parties of the transaction sign the application with a safe electronic signature (including a time stamp) and send it to the e-mail:
  • Both parties of the transaction arrive in the rooms of Nasdaq CSD SE with ID documents. Nasdaq CSD SE accepts applications all workdays from 10:00 to 16:00. We suggest the shareholders to visit the Nasdaq CSD SE on the Visitors days – Tuesdays when customers are serviced brisker;
  • By sending an application signed by both parties to Nasdaq CSD SE by mail. In this case the signatures shall be certified by a notary;
  • Certification of signatory right shall be attached to the application of legal representatives of legal persons (extract from Commercial Register, etc.), and a power of attorney shall be attached additionally to the authorized persons of legal entities;
  • Powers of attorney of natural persons shall be certified by a notary.