DRAFT RESOLUTIONS of the extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the Joint Stock Company "Conexus Baltic Grid" of 16 November 2017

1.         Recalling of the Company Council members.

Pursuant to Section 270 Paragraph one and two and Section 296 Paragraph seven of the Commercial Law and the request for convocation of a meeting of shareholders and recalling of the Council members by the PJSC “Gazprom” dated August 16, 2017, to release Elena Mikhaylova, Kirill Seleznev, Vitaly Khatkov, Viktor Valov, Christian Janzen, Oliver Giese, William Pierson, Guillaume Rivron, Frank Siebert, Juris Savickis and Oleg Ivanov from the position of Council member at the Joint Stock Company “Conexus Baltic Grid”.

2.         Election of the Company Council.

1) Pursuant to the nominations submitted by the shareholders, to elect members to the Council of the Joint Stock Company "Conexus Baltic Grid" setting the term of office of the Council form 16 November 2017 till 31 December 31 2017 (Second part of Clause 7.13. of Articles of Association of the Joint Stock Company "Conexus Baltic Grid"):

1. Elena Mikhaylova;
2. Kirill Seleznev;
3. Vitaly Khatkov;
4. Nikolay Dubik;
5. Christian Janzen;
6. Oliver Giese;
7. William Pierson;
8. Guillaume Rivron;
9. Frank Siebert;
10. Juris Savickis;
11. Oleg Ivanov.

2) To set the monthly remuneration for the Chairman of the Council, the Vice-Chairman of the Council and the members of the Council for their duties at the Council of the Joint Stock Company “Conexus Baltic Grid” at the previous level.

Riga, 18 October, 2017

Joint Stock Company "Conexus Baltic Grid" Chairman of the Board A. Kalvītis