Internal diagnostics of the Vireši - Tallinn gas transmission pipeline

Periodic inspection, maintenance, and repair of gas pipelines, as required by the regulations, are vital for ensuring the long-term reliable operation of the gas transmission infrastructure.

The internal diagnostics and repairs of the Vireši-Tallin gas pipeline, previously cancelled in 2022 due to the suspension of gas supply to Finland via Imatra and postponed in 2023 due to the Balticconnector incident must now be included in the 2024 maintenance schedule.

Executing these diagnostic works poses challenges, including their impact on the available technical capacity of the Balticconnector point during the work period.

To ensure the Baltic-Finnish region gas supply continuity and the pipeline's long-term reliability while mitigating risks and potential impacts on regional gas supply security, Conexus Baltic Grid has scheduled the diagnostics from 14 to 27 October 2024, followed by Elering from 04 to 17 November 2024.

Timely maintenance is crucial for the Baltic-Finnish gas supply infrastructure's overall operation. Failure to conduct maintenance will reduce the allowable operating pressure potential and limit the Balticconnector's technical capacity.

2024.03.28 09:20:15