Results of the auction on May 11

Within the framework of the negotiation procedure announced by AS "Conexus Baltic Grid" on April 29, 2021 without publishing an invitation to participate "Auction regarding the storage of active natural gas volume and provision of availability in the storage in 2021-2022" (hereinafter - Auction), bids were received from merchants from several countries with the total amount of 2 759 thousand MWh and the highest offered price of 8,08 EUR/MWh.

After an evaluation of the economic viability of the bids received, in accordance with point 12.2 of the Auction Rules, the bids with a total volume of 1 809 MWh were considered to be economically viable. As the above-mentioned amount does not ensure the fulfilment of the obligation of the single natural gas transmission and storage system operator set out in Paragraph 12. 1 of the Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No 312 of April 19, 2011 "Procedures for the Supply of Energy Users and Sale of Heating Fuel During Declared Energy Crisis and in Case of Endangerment to the State", on  June 7, 2021 Conexus Baltic Grid AS will hold an additional auction for storage and availability of active natural gas in storage with an auctionable security obligation of 1 036 thousand MWh.

Information on the auction scheduled for June 7 will be available on the website .

2021.05.21 12:44:36