Public consultation on the Network rules and Balancing rules of the Common Balancing Zone of Estonia and Latvia

The TSOs of Estonia and Latvia have worked together and in co-operation with Lithuanian and Finnish TSOs to draft Common Network rules and Common Balancing rules to be applied in the common zone starting from 2020. These rules have been drafted to be applicable in the common entry-exit system consisting of Estonia and Latvia.

Hereby the TSOs are seeking input from stakeholders and market participants on these rules. After the public consultation, the TSOs will assess the comments submitted by the stakeholders, update where relevant the draft rules and will apply for coordination of the rules to National Regulatory Authorities of the countries forming regional gas market zone. Also, the assessment of comments provided by the stakeholders will be published. Please take note that comments received in the course of the public consultation may be kept anonymous, if the party providing comments indicates to remain anonymous.

The consultation documents:

The public consultation is opened until 05.04.2019. Please provide your feedback in English to


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