Consultation document on Common principles for market information publication

In order to align the publication principles used in the Baltic-Finnish market area the Transmission system operators (TSOs) of the market area have developed a descriptive document to clarify, align and communicate the current principles used prior and when disclosing the infrastructure and service based transparency and inside information to the market participants. This document is intended as a set of guidelines to the market participants to elaborate the principles, timelines and methodologies used, as well as to explain the information already disclosed.

The aim of the Document is to consult information transparency principles which will be taken into account by TSOs as a best practice guideline.

The outcome of this public consultation is used to determine the best practices between all TSOs in common Finnish-Baltic market area and use the feedback in the review process of the relevant market rules and TSO-TSO contracts. Public consultation is open at all Baltic-Finnish market area TSOs until 06.09.2021 on provided link. Feedback can be provided to any of the contacts listed below under specific TSO:

2021.08.23 11:48:15