Storage booking tariffs 2021/2022

Storage service tariffs for the 2021/2022 storage cycle

The Public Utilities Commission adopted a decision on the tariffs for the storage service of the Inčukalns underground gas storage on March 1, 2021, determining several tariff periods and approved the tariffs for storage services. The new tariffs will come into effect on May 1, 2021.

At the same time, JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” has been granted a permit for each tariff period to determine storage service tariffs itself, if it is necessary to make the planned revenue adjustment in accordance with the tariff methodology (The Public Utilities Commission decision No 1/15 “Methodology for Calculating Natural Gas Storage System Service Tariffs” adopted on 8 October 2020).

The following tariffs shall apply for capacity products, the booking of which is planned in accordance with the storage capacity auction schedule, published on the website of JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid”:

  • One-year bundled capacity product (IPGK BCP1Y) tariff – 0,00102260 EUR/kWh (without VAT)
  • Two-year bundled capacity product (IPGK BCP2Y) tariff - 0,00108650 EUR/kWh (without VAT) for one year period (01.05.2021.-30.04.2022)
  • Interruptible capacity product (IPGK AP) tariff - 0,00081470 EUR/kWh (without VAT)
  • Stock Transfer product (IPGK INTP) tariff - 0,00177960 EUR/kWh (without VAT)
  • Virtual reverse flow product (Reverse) tariff - 0,00034710 EUR/kWh (without VAT)


  • The tariff of the two-year bundled unit capacity product (IPGK BCP2Y) booked in 2020/2021 storage cycle, does not change – 0,00284741 EUR/kWh (excluding VAT) for two period until 30 April 2022.

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