Storage booking tariffs 2019/2020

Storage service tariffs for the 2019/2020 storage cycle

Storage services for  2019/2020 storage cycle will be available for booking from 15 on January, 2019 for following tariffs:

Bundled unit capacity product tariffs

  • Bundled unit capacity product (BCP) MAX tariff 0,00352056 EUR/kWh (without VAT)
  • Applicable Bundled unit capacity tariff (BCP) for settlement for 2019/2020 storage cycle 0,00082397 EUR/kWh (without VAT) 
  • 2-year bundled unit capacity product (BCP2Y) 0,00490056 EUR/kWh (without VAT)

Market product tariff

  • Available for booking from 15th January 2019 till 31st August 2019. Tariff value is published every Monday until 17:00,  from 14th January 2019
Period of application    Market product tariff, EUR/kWh (without VAT)
27.08.2019. - 31.08.2019. 0.00500000*
20.08.2019. - 26.08.2019. 0.00500000*

*According to the Public Utilities Commission desicion No.47, Annex 2, dated 26 April 2018

Virtual counterflow product tariff - 0,00048300 EUR/kWh (without VAT)

  • Applies, if the capacity is booked to market product

Storage differentiated services from 15th of January, 2019

Recalculation of bundled unit capacity product tariff (BCP) - on August 1st​ , 2019

  • As the bookable capacity of Inčukalns UGS has been booked fully, recalculation is done on August 1st ​, 2019
  • According to the PUC decision of April 26, 2018 review cycle for natural gas storage booking tariff  is 3 years
  • According to the PUC decision of December 13, 2018 bundled capacity product maximum value for storage cycle 2019/2020 is set – 0,00352056 EUR/kWh
  • BCP  tariff value for actual storage cycle depends on booked volumes of BCP and 100% revenue from Market product and 50% from BCP2Y product, and has been calculated by annex of PUC decision of December 13, 2018
  • Recalculated tariff of Bundled unit capacity product (BCP1Y) for storage cycle 2019/2020 0,00082397 EUR/kWh (without VAT)
  • Further information on tariffs are available on the PUC website