The reconstructed gas collection point of Inčukalns underground gas storage is put into operation

Today, the unified natural gas transmission and storage system operator JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” (Conexus) has put into operation the reconstructed gas collection point No.2 at Inčukalns underground gas storage (UGS), which is equipped with new technological equipment and pipelines. The total investment of the project constitutes 23 million euros.

The objective of the reconstruction project of the gas collection point (GCP) No.2 was to carry out replacement of outdated technological equipment and pipelines, to organise distance control of the object, and to increase its capacity. The number of technological lines was increased from 19 to 27 within the framework of the project.

Zane Kotāne, the Chairwoman of the Board of JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid”, informs: “Currently, there are several active international projects in the energy sector, which significantly increase the role of Inčukalns underground gas storage (UGS) in transmission and storage of natural gas. For example, since opening of single natural gas market on 1 January 2020, the capacity of our storage will become more interesting to the Finnish market. We have to take into account, that Inčukalns gas storage is the only natural gas storage in the Baltics; therefore, our task is to do everything we can to increase the use of this strategic object in the region. Regular investment comprises not only a part of achieving this goal, but also serves as a security issue while planning system improvement measures.”

Also a technical building was constructed during the project for placement of various gas collection devices, for example, gas metering and consumption adjustment nodes. Also gas purification separators, fuel gas preparation node, gas pipelines with total length of 4,500 metres and other units of equipment are located in the object territory.

Rinalds Dimiņš, Head of Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage, states: “Considering the increase of the number of technological lines and the technological specifics of boreholes distribution, currently, the throughput capacity of the gas collection point has increased significantly, which enables Inčukalns UGS to react more flexibly to market demand changes during natural gas removal or pumping season. Also an automated control and remote equipment operation parameters control system has been installed for the gas collection point, and improvement of the technological process safety systems has been implemented.”

The reconstruction project of the gas collection point was implemented in two rounds. The first round works were completed in October 2018. The financing required for the project was invested from funds of JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid”  Inčukalns UGS has in total 3 gas collection points. Currently, two of them have been renovated, and works on modernization of the third gas collection point will be commenced, where a part of financing is planned to be covered by funds allocated by the European Union.