Conexus submits draft tariff for natural gas transmission services

"Conexus Baltic Grid" AS (Conexus) has submitted to the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission a draft tariff for the natural gas transmission system service for the next three years.

Although the value of the submitted tariff will increase by EUR 0.00074/kWh or 39%, it is expected to have a minimal impact on the total bill of natural gas users - in the range of 0.5%-1.1% on average. The submitted draft tariff has been developed in accordance with the methodology for calculating the tariffs for the natural gas transmission system service, bringing together all technologically and economically justified costs for the maintenance of the natural gas transmission system, its safe, uninterrupted operation and necessary for the efficient provision of the transmission system service. Although Conexus overall costs have decreased, the planned increase in tariffs is driven by a decrease in natural gas consumption.

Conexus has calculated a charge for the use of the exit point for the supply of Latvian users of EUR 0.00267/kWh. Compared to the current transmission tariff, the tariff value increases by EUR 0.00074/kWh, or 39%.

Publication in "Latvijas Vēstnesis".

Tariff project.

2023.06.01 00:00:00